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LG G Pro 2 to be sold in United States after April 2014

The high-end LG G Pro 2 with so much features has been unveiled in South Korea, which will be available in the domestic market by the end of February on Korea’s three major carriers. But, the device will not come to United States until April 2014.


During the launch event at the company’s headquarters in Twin Towers, Seol, LG’s senior executives said to ZDNet Korea that the device will be sold in United States after the launch of the device in Asian countries in March. That means, the LG G Pro 2 could come on or after April month.

Cho Sung Ha, LG’s mobile division’s head of the Korea sales, said:

“The G Pro 2 will be launched in Korea within this month. Starting in March, we will launch it in Asian countries where demand for large-screen phablets is the highest.”

The company releasing the flagship to Asian countries before Europe and US because of the popularity of the large-screen “phablets” in these countries. So, LG is moving in a right direction by releasing the large-screen smartphone on their bigger markets before rolling out to US and UK.

LG G Pro boasts a 5.9-inch full HD 1080P display, a 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 dual core processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage space along with the expandable microSD card slot, LTE support and an impressive removable 3,200mAh battery. Available with 3 color options that includes Titan, White and Silver, the device will be boasting all the latest connectivity features such as Bluetooth 4.0, USB, WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), NFC and Slimport.

The last release of LG Optimus G Pro in United States only on AT&T hasn’t reached the device’s potential against the popular Samsung Galaxy Note series of phablets. This time, LG has to think different and it should release on more than one carrier in United States. What is your opinion on this?

[ Source: ZDNet Korea ]

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