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Leaked photos shows alleged large-screen iPhone 6 prototype device

We have some photos of alleged Apple iPhone 6 smartphones with large screen, as an anonymous Twitter account “mornray886” tweeted several pics of the same. Just go through the gallery below to see every leaked photos of the iPhone 6 handset.

Most probably, the iPhone showed in the leaked photos could be the prototype of Apple iPhone 6. There is a possibility that Apple could change the design and parts of the phone after testing. If Apple has the plan to launch the new iPhones in June 2014 (prior to its usual September launch), then there won’t be much difference between these prototypes and final product.

The photos shows that the company has removed bezels from both the left and right side of the large display screen, while the top and bottom bezels are significantly narrowed. These photos shows a completely opposite design than expected curved edge display. Instead, the back panel of the iPhone 6 will be coming with curved edges.

We can find the fingerprint scanner placed in the home key, which is as same as the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner. 3.5mm audio jack, 2 speakers and the lightning (connector) port are placed at the bottom of the phone, while the camera and a large LED flash (similar to iPhone 5s) are placed as usual, at the top left corner of the rear panel.

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[ Source:  @mornray886 ]

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