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Pebble app store now lists the Flappy Bird clone game, Tiny Bird

tiny-bird-smartwatch-appIf you miss the new addictive game, Flappy Bird, which was pulled from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store by the Vietnamese game-maker, you can play the similar clone of the game on your Pebble smartwatch.

Named as Tiny Bird, the Flappy Bird clone game has the same level of difficulty found in the original game, except the black and white aesthetic. The game has the similar pipes, which was used in the legendary Gameboy game, Super Mario Bros. User has to fly the bird in between those pipes by tapping on the watch screen.

Most people found that the tablets with large-screen displays helped them to score more points, but the same game in a smartwatch might lead you to scratch your head in frustration. Stuart Harrell is the developer behind the game for Pebble. The game is now available inside the Pebble’s own app store, which works in original Pebble and Pebble Steel smartwatches.

As of now, Pebble app store is available on iOS companion app, while the Android companion app yet to get updated to include the app store.

Nguyen Dong, the Vietnamese developer behind the original Flappy Bird game has taken down the game, stating that the game has become an addiction. Before taking down, he was making more than $50,000 per day in advertising revenue.

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