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Google France forced to display court notice in its homepage for 48 hours

Google, one of the world’s largest internet company has posted a notice in its French homepage, which confirms that the company has been fined €150,000 for violating the France’s privacy laws.


However, Google has tried to block the message on its homepage in an emergency hearing on Feb 6, by saying that the notice could do “irreparable damage” to its reputation. But, the court responded on very next day that the company hasn’t proven any urgent because of the notice on its Google.fr homepage.

The notice will be placed for 4 consecutive days, within the date range of eight days after the ruling. Hence, the court message has been published and placed below the search bar in homepage. France’s Commissions Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) has provided some strict rules to follow while placing the notice in Google’s webpage, such as font size, font name, alignment and color of the message.

The following message has been posted in Google.fr homepage (translated to English):

“Communiqué: The Commision Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés has ordered Google to pay a €150,000 fine for violations of the ‘Data-Processing and Freedoms’ law. Decision can be found at the following address: http:www.cnil.fr/linstitution/missions/sanctionner/Google/.”

According to the CNIL of France and the data-protection authorities of other European territories ruled that Google hasn’t revealed about what the company will do with the data collected along with the less control to the users in its new privacy policy implemented in 2012, by merging privacy policy of its other services such as YouTube and Gmail.

Most of the European countries still questions the company’s privacy policies, that includes Germany, UK, Netherlands and Italy. However, in 2006, Google.be of Belgium has been forced to display similar message (but entire ruling!) in its homepage for 5 consecutive days and that ruling was against Google that was related to the copyright issues.

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