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Apple to produce sapphire crystal displays for future iPhones

Apple will manufacture about 100 million to 200 million sapphire crystal displays for 5-inch iPhone 5 displays. These displays will provide better durability and longer shelf life compared with Corning Gorilla Glass screens.

iphone-5cAccording to some reports, Apple has partnered with GT Advanced Technologies to manufacture sapphire crystal displays for upcoming devices with the help of 518 and chamber systems, which the company recently acquired. Apple is also “aggressively” pushing GT technologies to make the Arizona plant live or manufacturing the crystal displays. Exact details about the deal we not revealed.

GT Advanced is all set to get the benefit from the deal, as analysts predicted 2013’s revenue of $303.9 million and $692.5 million in 2014, an increase of 128 percent. However there has been low annual sales of $544.2 million in 2010, $899 million in 2011 and $733.5 million in 2012.

Last year rumors reported that Apple partnered with GT Advanced Technologies for manufacturing sapphire crystal screens. The company’s aggressive plans to start manufacturing at Arizona plant was revealed through a correspondence document between US foreign Trade Zone officials and Apple’s deputy director of Global Trade Compliance.

It is not clear how Apple would implement the sapphire displays to the devices which could be used as camera lens cover or for the new Touch ID home button in upcoming iPads and as applications in iWatch. The recent patent for off-screen gestures by pressure sensitivity was applied by the company would possibly make use of the sapphire crystal display.


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