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HP Chromebox to come in Spring 2014 in US, with Google conference system in high-end models

Despite the falling PC market, HP thinks that the Chrome OS-based desktops could make difference and planned to launch its first Chrome OS desktop, HP Chromebox in Spring 2014 in United States.


Available for both home and business users, HP Chromebox will be coming with somewhat more features than that of ASUS’ Chromebox, which will be launched in March 2014. While ASUS Chromebox could be used as the home and business computers for basic needs, HP’s Chromebox could help to solve the conferencing via Google’s new video conferencing system.

There is no mention about the price from HP, whereas the today’s revelation of $999 ASUS Chromebox for meetings and conferences, we can easily presume that HP will also move in the same direction by releasing basic level Chromebox as well as high-end Chromeboxes soon.

HP said in its official webpage (check source link):

“Transform virtually any screen in your home into a Google Chrome PC, with Google Play, Google Drive, and all your favorite parts of the web. And for work, meet the Chromebox that transforms the way you do meetings. A small box, with big power to go fast and do it all in the cloud.”

There is something serious movement going on in the form of Chrome OS running desktops and laptops. First came the Chromebooks and now the entry of Chromeboxes, which will make Microsoft worry more about its decrease in PC demands. Even, Dell is said to be release their own Chromebox soon.


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