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Apple removed Blockchain, a digital wallet for Bitcoin from iOS App Store

blockchain-ios-app-bannedApple has removed the Blackchain app, a digital wallet for storing Bitcoin virtual currency from the App Store, while Blockchain responded that the mighty Apple hasn’t given any notice or reason for the removal.

Now, the App Store webpage of Blockchain is redirecting to the main page. According to the Blockchain CEO Nicolas Cary, currently more than 120,000 users are active in their iPhone app and those who have the app already installed on their iDevices including Mac, still can run the application but without any future software updates via Apple. Currently, there are over 1 million Blockchain digital wallet users  globally.

According to Wired, Citing the Apple’s email copy received by Cary following the removal of the app, the reason given by the company is “due to unresolved issue.” Meanwhile, the Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t revealed the exact details about those “unresolved issue” nor it released any statements.

This is not the first time the Blockchain app is being removed from the App Store, where the similar action was taken by Apple once before but later allowed to list the app later. But, the other digital wallets like Coinbase and BitPak has been removed from the App Store last year and it never allowed in the market again. Though the Google Play Store still listed the Blockchain app for Android devices, it’s still unclear about its future, whether in iOS or Android.

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