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Wireless, Solar or Movement Charging could come for Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch to come with 2 sizes for men and womenApple is experimenting with new ways to charge its long rumored iWatch smartwatch device, that includes wireless induction charging as well as solar and movement-based charging of its batteries.

Citing a person familiar to the matter, a report from The New York Times states that the induction charging of Apple iWatch is in the top of the list for upcoming wearable computing device. This technology is currently being used on some already released smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 920 series, where the device should be placed on a charging plate to charge the battery of the device.

The report also claims that the Cupertino-based Apple Inc is also planning to make its years of research on battery charging as well as building a better battery a reality by using solar charging and charging via the movement of the device. According to the former Apple executive, Apple iWatch could come with a curved glass and a invisible solar charging layer will be placed over the glas to charge the device in daylight.

In the movement based charging of the iWatch, the device get charged while a person walks wearing the Apple’s smartwatch and the tiny charging stations generates power when the person’s arm swings forward, backwards and to any other direction. This is what the Apple has filed in a patent in 2009.

Apple was working on the solar charging for its iPhones and iPods from years, but the infeasible tech didn’t came to a reality as these iDevices will be held in dark places for most of the times, such as in pockets and inside the rooms etc. However, the iWatch is not a device to keep inside the pocket, the solar charging could help the device to get itself some power by sun.

[ Source: NY Times ]

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