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Tablets shipments lowered before new iPad launch

The shipments of tablets of various companies have been lowered as the next generation iPad is soon going to be released as per a research report generated by IDC. Apple is soon going to launch new iPad and iPad are always the first preference by people. It has been seen that whenever a new iPad is going to be launched people stop showing their interest in other tablets which are out in the market.


During the second quarter of the year it was seen that a total of 45.1 million units were shipped globally which was approximately 9.7% less from the first quarter of the year 2013. As per a research done by IDC they think that the sales will be gradually increased during the fourth quarter as apple is soon going to launch a new range of products.

Amazon is all geared up and is waiting for the new products to come out in the market. As per the reports from some sellers it has been seen that both Acer and Lenovo have reentered in the top 5 tablet category. The tablet sales are evolving at a high rate and there is no surety if the vendors will rise or fall.

We have gathered the list of top 5 tablet vendors which is shown below:-

  • Apple shipped 14.6 million units
  • Samsung shipped 8.1 million units
  • Asus shipped 2 million units
  • Lenovo shipped 1.5 million units
  • Acer shipped 1.4 million units

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