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iPhone in girl’s back pocket popped smoke and fire, caused burn injuries

iphone-burnt-fire This could be a setback for Apple as an iPhone has been exploded inside the back pocket of an eighth-grader student’s pant in Maine, North-eastern United States, which caused her to suffer from minor burn injuries.

The incident happened inside the class room of Middle School of the Kennebunks in Maine, when the handset made a small impact with a pop sound and the smoke started to came out of the pocket that had the iPhone.

It’s been reported that a teacher showed the timely courage to help the girl to extinguish the flames coming out of her pockets by using blankets and even the student rolled on the floor to get rid of the burning pants. She was immediately taken to the local hospital and treated for the burning injuries and later released.

According to the Cnet’s report, the reason for the fire was the shorted battery of iPhone as the teen placed in her back pocket, which must have been crushed inside the pocket investigated by the division chief of the local emergency medical services, Andrew Palmeri. Apple is yet to comment on this incident, but we could understand that any other phones in such situation might get shorted to cause fire. What is your view on this? Have a say in the comments field below.

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