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OUYA launches new Matte Black 16GB Console for $129

On Friday, OUYA announced the launch of its new console priced a little higher than the company’s original console with the company mentioning that the console would make a great valentine’s day gift.16gb-console-plus-controller-black-01

The updated console is powered by a Nvidia Tegra 3 chip with the a storage 16GB compared to the earlier 8GB console. The xtra storage is aimed to provide more space while downloading and installing games like Gameloft’s Order & Chaos. Apart from the expanded storage the console sports a new Matte black finish from the previous silver and black color. Controller has also been redesigned with better buttons and sticks with reduced latency, according to the company. The console’s Wireless N connectivity has been boosted, the company added.

However OUYA users received an update, Abominable Snowman which allows users to use external storage Beta through a USB drive. Games downloaded to a USB drive will be sideloaded onto the external drive. The sideloaded games will be associated with OUYA in a move to combat piracy.

OUYA game “Nimble Quest” saw 6508 downloads and and earned $427 with 122 purchases which made NimbleBit’s co-founder mention that he would recommend OUYA to Android developers. Any developer can create games for the OUYA platform.Last July, several OUYA developers have shared their rankings on GameSpot. Towerfall developer has also mentioned that his game had generated enough money by bringing the app to PC.

The console priced $30 more than the previous console offers value for the buck.The new OUYA console priced at $129 can be purchased here.

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