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Twitter’s alleged E-commerce, Twitter Commerce’s screenshots revealed

The rumors of Twitter’s e-commerce approach now has one more strong proof, a demonstration image has been leaked that shows the Buy button and shopping cart inside the micro-blogging social media.

The images are uncovered by Re/Code, which suggests that our Twitter timelines will not only show the breaking news, trending hashtags and tweets, but also sell something to us via company’s new e-commerce platform built within the Twitter.

According to the image, there will be a buy button below the sales posts with the price tag at the bottom right. The sales post can be the part of the sponsored tweets and according to the Fancy.com’s leaked inside documents, Fancy’s users on Twitter can pay with their Fancy accounts. That means, any third party companies could also post the sales tweets to complete the checkout within Twitter.

However, the document also revealed the method of completing sales by embedding the mini product pages in tweets, directly to Twitter followers. Fancy.com’s documents were stored in their amazonaws storage, which was made public accidentally and now the access has been restricted.

Few days ago, there were rumors about the Twitter’s deal with payment processing startup Stripe to accept the credit card payments within the Twitter and the deal was said to be in the final phase.

Meanwhile, it could be possible that the leaked document is just a proposal from the Fancy.com to the Twitter, where it termed “Twitter Commerce.” We know that Twitter is experimenting with the e-commerce approach in many ways over the years, which were faded out later. We hope, this time the company could launch its own store or the platform as a medium between stores and consumers.

Check the Fancy.com’s leaked images from the gallery below:

[ Source: Re/Code ]

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