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OpenStreetMap Leader Skobbler acquired by Telenav for $24M

Telenav has acquired Skobbler, a German Startup which is an OpenStreetMap leader, while being the closest rival, Google Maps had also acquired a navigation-app, Waze in last June.


Telenav paid $19.2 million and $4,6 million for stocks for the acquisition of the Berlin-based startup which was founded in 2008. Skobbler a specialist in OSM integration provides data for consumer apps and for ForeverMaps2, an offline/online maps app. The company has also licensed the technology to third party apps allowing the use of OSM data  for the apps.

Sunnyvale, California-based Telenav also announced that it would integrate OSM data into Scout navigation app which would allow the app to feature in the international markets. Though Skobbler’s ForeverMap and GPS Navigation and Maps are paid apps they feature offline maps and utilize OSM data which is preferred for offroad and pedestrian use and is more detailed than Google Maps.

Telenac chief HP Jin said in a statement:

“By joining our efforts with Skobbler, we will build on our combined successes to bring the best mapping and navigation services to our customers around the world.”

Developers can also integrate OSM into their services through Skobbler’s GeOS tool, used by leading services like Wikipedia and Foursquare. Telenav is also increasingly focusing on using OSM data for automobile sectors by using Scout. In the last 3 years Telenav has been using OSM data for the HTML5 version of Scout app in the US.However Telenav has not mentioned the status of Skobbler’s line of apps post-acquisition.


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