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Microsoft expanded Bing Rewards Program to iOS and Android, no Windows Phone though!

On Wednesday, Microsoft has rolled out its Bing rewards program, where users will earn points for using Bing search engine to redeem it later for gift certificates such as Amazon.com, Skype, Xbox and Dominos.


Surprisingly, the Bing Rewards currently released for only iOS and Android and the Microsoft’s own Windows Phone devices will be getting the program “soon.”

Microsoft launched the Bing Rewards program in 2010 with the necessity of downloading the Bing toolbar to its own Internet Explorer browser. Later, the program has been extended to all desktop browsers, where users started to earn point and redeem those points for various products including gift cards, electronics, sweepstakes, and charitable donations.

Microsoft has chosen iOS and Android platforms to increase the effect of the launch on mass smartphone market, where the Windows Phone OS has a small portion of the market share. But, the Bing Rewards program helped the company to hold its 18.2 percent share of U.S. searches.

For every 2 completed searches, user will be getting 1 credit with the limit of 10 credits for each day. If you want to participate in the Bing Rewards Program, you have to sign up on Bing mobile site using the Microsoft login or connecting with Facebook ID.

[ Source: Bing ]

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