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iOS 7 runs on 80 percent of all Apple devices, while iOS 6 on 17 percent

Apple should be happy that its new mobile operating system, iOS 7 is running on 80 percent of all active iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

ios-7-distribution-chartThough, Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer confirmed the news, we can see the distribution chart of the iOS 7 within the Apple developer support center website. According to the iOS 7 distribution chart, the 80 percent share seen is measured by the App Store activities during a 7‑day period ending January 26th.

Apple said that it would help the developers by making much easier to take decision on creating and updating the applications in App Store. Still, seventeen percent of those devices runs on iOS 6 version, while only three percent users are still running their devices on older version of the operating system.

Last December, we have seen the chart, which was showing 78 percent of the devices were running on latest iOS 7. Although the new OS invited mixed reactions because of the radical design changes with flatter look, the data shows that the users are adopting the latest software very quickly.

It loos like the growth will be decreased only after the release of the next-gen iOS 8 update. But, currently, Apple is desperately in hurry to release the iOS 7.1 update, following the beta testing by the developers and registered testers.

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