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Samsung is working on to launch Galaxy Glass in late September 2014

After its entry into the wearable computing market by the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung to launch its Galaxy Glass, directly competing with the Google Glass, an augmented reality spectacle, later in 2014.


According to The Korea Times, the South Korean tech giant would be launching the Galaxy Glass at the IFA press conference in late September this year, citing the insider source. Last October, the similar reports were surfaced regarding the Google Glass rival device in 2014.

The Russian blogger, Eldar Murtazin of mobile-review.com tweeted in last October:

“Samsung developing own version of Google Glass. We will see it (probably) around april-may under Gear Glass brand.”

Now, according to the recent report by The Korean Times, Samsung’s eye wear will come with the similar features to that of Google Glass, including a built-in camera. Additionally, the Galaxy Glass will link to a smartphone for notifications and alerts wirelessly, so that the user could listen to music and answer phone calls from the eye wear itself. That means, the technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch could also be seen in it’s eye wear, but it’s not sure whether the user needs a Samsung smartphone or any other.

Samsung Galaxy Glass will be using the displays produced by its own Samsung Display unit, however, there were many rumors surfaced of many Chinese companies as well as Sony mobile is working towards releasing their own version of Wearable computing eye wears soon.

No details regarding the pricing and availability revealed by the insider source, but Google might be launching its Google Glass in second half of 2014 to the public. Meanwhile the Google Glasses are in testing phase via its Glass Explorers, which is making news, every now and then. Stay tuned for more updates on wearable computing gadgets.

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