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Yahoo apologize to Google for the Gmail outage tweet

Yahoo apologize to Google and Gmail team for its tweet that posted about the Gmail’s downtime to its followers and the company said that the Twitter account was handled by its News team and just posted as a tech news.


Yesterday, Google’s many services including Gmail and Google+ faced downtime for few minutes caused by a bug and later the company has fixed and released the statement confirming the status. Yahoo posted the news under its main Twitter account as an event and no one, including Google made this tweet as an issue. But, Yahoo later said that the handle was used by its editorial team to inform about news and events.

Yahoo deleted tweet, which said “Gmail is temporarily unavailable,” with the image that showed the “Temporary Error (500)” page.


There are mixed response for this apology tweet by Yahoo, as many believed that the Yahoo done right thing by posting a news or event and some said the opposite.

Valleywag’s Sam Biddle described:

“A lame, lifeless apology over a non-event, the sort of I’m sorry you issue when your gym teacher forces you to stick out your tiny sticky hand after you tripped someone. It was insincere, of course—and rightfully so, because Yahoo! did nothing wrong.

And Gigaom’s Tom Krazit said:

“Only Yahoo could come out of a Gmail outage looking worse than Google.”

End of the day, we had some funny drama in between the busy and boring work schedule. Sad for the Yahoo!

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