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Motorola will be giving $100 off on contract-free Moto X on January 27th

Motorola will be selling its flagship, Moto X with $100 price cut without contracts for 1 hour from 3PM to 4PM ET on Monday, January 27th as part of the Valentines Day promotion.


Since releasing its first smartphone Moto X after acquired by Google, Motorola is becoming center of attraction on various news papers and online media because of its low profit margin in pricing the devices. The company has already reduced the price to $99 from $199 for its on-contract Moto X devices of T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular on last November. Now with the new price change, could lure in more consumers to its wings.

Motorola also said that if the customers missed the “1 hour deal,” they could get the $7o off the price from January 7th throughout the Valentines Day, until supplies last.

Meanwhile, Motorola has already quietly launched the Friends with Moto program, where users can buy unlocked Moto X and Moto G for $50 off and $40 off, respectively.

The company also confirmed in its Twitter account that the promotion will apply for both its regular Moto X as well as Developer Edition Moto X. Users can buy the customized Moto X smartphone via its Moto Maker website on Monday to avail the offer, but at the right time!

[ Source: Motorola Mobility ]

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