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Microsoft Windows Azure follows Amazon Web Services’ route to cut price

Today, Microsoft has announced that it would be cutting the prices of its cloud storage service, Windows Azure following the yesterday’s price cut announced by Amazon for its both S3 and EBS cloud-based storage inside AWS.

amazon-web-services-vs-microsoft-windows-azureIn April last year, Microsoft announced to cut the price of its Windows Azure cloud hosting and storage service to match with the current popular service, Amazon Web Services (AWS) for commodity services such as computation, storage and bandwidth.

Amazon’s price cut varies from region to region which range from 6 percent up to 22 percent, for storing between 1TB to 50TB of data, respectively. But you will have to store at least 5 petabytes to take advantage. Whereas, Microsoft said that it will cut the prices to match the AWS prices up to 20 percent and the distribution of price cuts will be uniform across every region. Hence, in some part of the world, the Windows Azure could be 10 percent lesser than that of the Amazon’s services.

While Microsoft decided to roll out the price cut on 13th March 2014, Amazon will be bringing the changed price on as early as February 1st.

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