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Florida based man sold his last name for $95,000 in 2 years

Jason Sadler, who secured a $45,000 contract for legally changing his last name throughout 2013 from headsets.com, has now sold his last name for 2014 to SurfrApp.co for $50,000.


Beginning from January 1st, Jason will be known as Jason SurfrApp anywhere in the world such as social profiles and even he has plans to include the sponsored name in his upcoming marketing ebook – SponsorMyBook, which will be launched on May 15, 2014.

His first business was IWearYourShirt.com, where he wore different client t-shirt everyday and pushed the brand across his presence at social networks and websites. Apart from Facebook posts and Tweets about his client sponsored t-shirts, he was also posting online videos and even created a one-hour live show on Ustream to talk about his clients.

In 2012, he created a website to sell his last name via auctioning at BuyMyLastName.com and secured the $45,000 and in 2013 his auction ended by securing $50,000 from SurfrApp.co, which allows you to document and share your surfing adventures by simply checking into one of 8,000 spots around the world and logging your surf sessions via its iOS app, you can find it here.

Jason Sadler said to The Next Digit,

“I’m excited to work with Nick Mohnacky and Chris Callahan from Surfr to help promote journaling surf sessions in 8,000 surf spots around the world. But even more than that, we’ll be working together to promote doing social good around the world. It’s our plan to do four sponsored surf trips this year and have a bunch of fun doing it. “

Below is the photo of a legal document of final judgement for change of name:


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