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Verizon’s transparency report reveals 320,000 data requests in 2013

US telecom carrier Verizon on Wednesday published a “transparency report” mentioning that it received 321,545 data queries from United States in 2013.

verizon-wireless-store-front.topLast month, Verizon had said it would follow leading companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple in publishing transparency reports. Verizon also added that it had received 1000 to 2000 “national security letters” from US officials and law enforcement requests in another 13 countries where the company is in operation.

In the midst of wide-ranging reports about US surveillance activities leading companies have begun publishing transparency reports. Last month, AT&T said it would publish a transparency report.

Verizon mentioned that data queries from the United States included subpoenas, court orders, warrants and emegency requests from law enforcement during 2013. Verizon added that there were over 164,000 from the US law enforcement forcing the company to comply.

“The subpoenas we receive are generally used by law enforcement to obtain subscriber information or the type of information that appears on a customers phone bill,” said Verizon.

Verizon also received 70,000 court orders signed by US judge and 36,000 warrants for data which is linked to crime and more than 50,000 emergency requests from law enforcement. However the company said that it had not tracked the amount of data that was revealed but will do so in the future.

The company said it would reject cases when the query “is facially invalid” or “overly broad or vague.” Currently companies are restrained from disclosing data requests though there has been growing pressure from software firms to publish the data.

According to Verizon, Germany (2996) and France (1347) were leading with the number of data requests after the United States.

[Source: Transparency Report ][ Via: Verizon ]

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