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Amazon denied the launching of a pay-TV service

There were rumors surfaced in this week that Amazon.com to start a new pay-TV service to offer live TV channels such as those available now on cable TV or satellite TV, but the company has denied the reports.

amazon-prime-instant-videoYesterday, Citing the source familiar to the matter, Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon has discussed with big media corporations seeking rights to offer their channels on their pay-TV service. Today, Amazon’s spokesperson Drew Herdener denied the rumors and sent the following statement to USA Today in an email,

“We continue to build selection for Prime Instant Video and create original shows at Amazon Studios, but we are not planning to license television channels or offer a pay-TV service.”

This is not the first rumor surfacing regarding the internet video service’s attempt to offer live TV channels as a service, but those internet video streaming companies couldn’t able to gain the rights to distribute the live TV programming because of the media companies that owns the rights.

Currently, Amazon is providing thousands of movies and TV shows in its video-on-demand service, Amazon Prime Instant Video service, which is available free for the online retailers’ Prime shipping program subscribers.

Perhaps, as the last month’s reports suggested, Verizon completes the acquisition of Intel’s OnCue pay-TV service along with the intellectual property and 350 of Intel employees. That means, the Big Red is cooking something!

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