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Developer of Candy Crush Saga game, King towards the “candy” trademark

King, the developer behind the blockbuster mobile game app Candy Crush Saga has applied for U.S. trademark for the word “candy” a year ago and not yet granted the trademark. But the company claimed that it already possesses the same trademark in Europe.

candy-crush-real-candiesIn a recent move, the company’s application for the trademark has been gone to the “approved for publication” phase, where public could oppose against King’s gaining rights to the trademark by issuing statements in 30 days.

If you have convenience of reading the whole trademark process, go to the official USPTO website, which confirms the way how the above phase works. That means, if no one oppose the King’s application for the rights on the word “candy” in that 30 days period, then the USPTO will proceed to the next level of registration process.

King desperately want to have the rights for the word “candy” as many developers are publishing games and apps with the same word to lure in some users by using the popularity of the game Candy Crush Saga. o, to tackle this situation, King has already contacted several app developers to remove their apps from the iOS App Store and in protest of this move, those app developers made a community and created a website as Candy Jam, which encourages developers to create more and more iOS games with the names like “candy”, “scroll”, “memory” and “saga”.

What’s your opinion about the company’s trademark application towards gaining the rights on a common word like “candy”? Stay tuned for more updates.

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