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Paramount takes a leap – its next movies will be all-digital release only

One of the largest movie studios of Hollywood, Paramount has reportedly stopped releasing its major movies on film in United States, instead it will release only the digital version of the movie for theaters.

paramount-old-logoAs the technology is moving faster towards a new height, we expected this step from many major movie studios of U.S. But, at least one of those studios has taken the step forward and you will see many other studios to follow the all-digital form, rather than depending on the century old 35mm film to capture fleeting images to deliver them to silver screen.

The news broke out by LA Times, which cites the theater industry executives, who were not authorized to speak publicly. According to the report, Paramount’s last major analog release was Anchorman 2, where it released the recent blockbuster movie, The Wolf of Wall Street in all-digital format.

Currently only around 8 percent of theaters in America is working with Analog equipment, which can’t deliver the digital form of the movies. If the report is true, then those remaining theaters has to upgrade itself ASAP. Though, Film prints are costlier than the digital copy on a disc and the digital movies could also be beamed into theaters via satellite – that too saves shipping and production costs.

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