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Microsoft rolling out a 4.2MB firmware update for Surface Pro 2 tablets

Microsoft is reportedly rolling out a software update for its Surface Pro 2 tablets, where many users who received the update noted that the battery related issues have been disappeared since the update.


Microsoft hasn’t released the statement regarding the update, but many Surface Pro 2 owners from U.S. and U.K. has posted about this firmware update on social media and forums. The update has been termed as “System Firmware Update – 18/01/2014” and it’s packed inside a 4.2MB file. The update is being rolled out via Windows Update feature.

We were expecting an update for the tablet’s firmware to fix some bugs and numerous problems caused by the December update, which included failed installation and reduced battery life. After facing so many criticism, Microsoft had pulled back the December update and it seems to be the company is solving the issues via this revised January update. Meanwhile, users reported that the latest update has been downloaded and installed without any problems and the battery life is also not affected.

Once the stronghold of PC market or software market, Microsoft is facing backlash over the growth of smartphones and tablets growth and much criticized for its Windows 8 operating system that failed to impress the users despite launching the Windows 8.1 update with start buttons. Microsoft also marketed the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets to get entry to the growing tablets market and it partially achieved the success by selling out most of the produced units.

The software giant also released a minor software update for its Surface Pro 2 tablets in last November, which also increased the battery life of the tablet, significantly.

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