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Sprint to launch WiFi calling soon, Galaxy Mega and S4 mini to get it first

Similar to what T-Mobile is providing, Sprint will be launching the WiFi calling feature for first set of compatible Android devices soon with call and text over a local connection soon.


This makes T-Mobile no longer be the only major carrier offering first-party WiFi calling. According to the leaked training materials, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy Mega are the first set of Android phones to access the service and in future it will be available for all devices running on Android 4.2 or higher version of firmware.

The calls made using WiFi will not be included in actual voice calls and can’t be interchangeable with calls made over CDMA networks. Customer has to enable the feature by visiting http://sprint.com/manage to receive the related firmware update and use the service. According to the report, there will be no additional monthly charges to enable the service, but you should enable the Android Location Services in U.S., Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and the service needs a CDMA signal present in the device.

We have contacted Sprint for additional information and release details. Stay tune to get more news and updates.

[ Source: Android Central ]

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