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US smartphone penetration is 60 percent, Apple and Samsung leads

More than 60 percent of the cellphones are smartphones from Apple and Samsung as of fourth quarter of 2013, which increased 8 percent from the same quarter of 2012, according to the report by NPD Group.


Currently, Apple leads the smartphone growth in US with its 42 percent market share, which had 35 percent market share in Q4 2012. The recent iPhone 5s and 5c helped to boost sales. Samsung also increased its market share from 22 percent in Q4 2012 to 26 percent as of Q4 2013. However LG has  slightly increased its market share from 7 percent in Q4 2012 to 8 percent in Q4 2013, but the report hasn’t revealed the breakdown its smartphone models. Hence hard to predict of its Nexus 4 and Nexus 5’s involvement in the growth.

In declining part, surprisingly Motorola fell from 11 percent to 8 percent, HTC fell from 12 percent to 7 percent and Blackberry declined from 5 percent in Q4 ’12 to 2 percent in last quarter of last year. All other branded smartphones together decreased from 8 percent to 7 percent in Q4 ’13 in United States. That means, Apple and Samsung is leading as a smartphone monopoly, you could include Google’s Android into it.

However, in worldwide market share, Samsung leads the smartphone market and Apple sits in second place. The Q3 2013 smartphone market share report from IDC could help you to see the sales numbers.

In US, average smartphone users were using 5.5GB of data per month as of Q4 2012, while it has increased 17 percent to 6.6GB per month in Q4 ’13. Most of the data used to listen to online music streaming – 50 percent of smartphone users use some form of music streaming.

Further breakdown of music streaming suggests that Pandora is in first place followed by iHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIN Radio and Slacker Radio.

[ Source: NPD ]

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