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Google “acq-hires” Impermium, a 3 year old anti-spam startup

Google doesn’t stop acquisitions and it keeps on trying to bring in every interesting startups under the company’s wings. Now, the search giant has acquired a security related startup, Impermium to improve its anti-spam and anti-fraud segments.

impermiumCurrently, Google is the industry leader in fighting against spam via many types of Google Search algorithms as well as on other products. Even the the most popular reCaptcha is also a result from its anti-spam team.

Impermium CEO and co-founder Mark Risher said that the company will be shutting down its services and integrating with Google immediately.

Mr Risher said in the statement, posted at the Impremium website:

“By joining Google, our team will merge with some of the best abuse fighters in the world. With our combined talents we’ll be able to further our mission and help make the Internet a safer place. We’re excited about the possibilities.”

The startup was founded in 2011 by 3 ex-Yahoo anti=spam experts (Neveen Jamal and Vish Ramaro are the other 2 co-founders) and had also raised around $9 million from venture capitalists such as AOL Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Greylock. Impermium had some interesting client-base including Tumblr, Pinterest, CNN, Washington Post, ESPN and commenting platforms such as Livefyre, Squarespace, Echo, Disqus and WordPress. Totally, the startup claims to have more than 300K websites using its anti-spam services.

Google+’s VP of product, Bradley Horowitz said in his Google Plus post:

“Google’s spam and abuse teams are industry-leading and world-class. Impermium should fit right in.”

That means, Google is not interesting in acquiring the startup, instead it actually “acq-hired” the best anti-spam engineers to fight against the spammers. By the way, this sudden move by the search giant came at very next day of reported hijack of Google+ local listings of hotel websites.

The price details of the Google-Impermium deal hasn’t disclosed yet, but it’s definitely not a $3.2 billion Google-Nest deal. Stay tune on The Next Digit for more latest news and updates.

[Source: Impermium ] [Via: Bradley Horowitz ]

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