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Blackphone aims to tackle government snooping, to launch in MWC 2014

If you are looking for a more secure way of communication within the reach of your pockets and doesn’t want to be the victim of NSA or any other organizations’ snooping, then you should have a Blackphone.

blackphone-by-geeksphone-silent-circleGeeksphone and Silent Circle’s joint venture, Blackphone claims as the first device to provide complete privacy to consumers, which runs out of carriers and vendors. With the Android-based PrivateOS, the device is said to be helping the owners to make and receive phone calls, texts, file transfers and video chat securely, without worrying about spying or government snooping.

“The PrivateOS system will be supporting the Android apps, but with additional layer of security and privacy,” said Geeksphone CEO Javier Agüera.

Another partner, Silent Circle’s CEO Micke Janke said,

“Blackphone is a journey built upon privacy, control, and security, wrapped in a high-end smartphone built by a very innovative all-star team of cryptographers, security, and mobile innovators.”

For your information, Geeksphone are the Spanish smartphone maker, who created the data encryption program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), while Silent Circle are the global encrypted communications service provider. Both firms joined together to tackle the current situation of fear of privacy leak.

The so-called privacy phone, Blackphone is planned to launch and to take pre-orders starting from February 24th at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) to be held in Barcelona, Spain.

[ Source: Balckphone ]

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