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Kensington survey says 88 percent of American moms use smartphones

A nationwide study conducted by Kensington, a firm behind the proximity monitoring system Proximo reveals that 88 percent of American mothers owns a smartphone, as of today.

american-mother-smartphoneAlong with the number of smartphone moms, the survey also showed that the American mothers can’t live without five things – purse/wallet, smartphone, car, keys and children’s backpack or homework. Another shocking revelation was 81 percent mothers double check their forgotten wallet than for a child, which is at 64 percent.

However, 46 percent of American mothers who use smartphones thinks that a laptop would help them to simplify their lives, while 40 percent moms opted for iPhone and 18 percent opted for Samsung Galaxy smartphones – combining it together makes 58 percent. Television sets and iPads has got 37 percent and 21 percent votes, respectively.

Most of the moms (32 percent) lost their smartphones at a friend’s or family member’s home, while 24 percent moms lost their devices in a car and 17 percent mothers lost the phones at child’s bedroom. But, one question from us – whether misplacing the handset in a car or child’s bedroom considered as lost? However, the debatable question is, can this survey pretend as the survey of whole America? Because the study report revealed that the survey was conducted within United States on December 5 to 9 among only 1,000 adults.

[ Source: Kensington ]

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