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Canonical stops Ubuntu Touch support for many Nexus devices

Canaonical has announced that it will be pulling out Ubuntu Touch software support for many Galaxy Nexus devices excluding Galaxy Nexus 4 and latest Nexus 7 tablet.

ubuntu-touh-galaxy-nexusIn February 2013, Canonical released the developer preview of Ubuntu mobile software for many Galaxy Nexus devices. Canonical has revealed the news to its Ubuntu-phone mailing list and said that the firm will be consolidating the support for number of devices, which also includes the old Nexus 7 as well as Nexus 10 tablets.

Canonical’s email revealed that the latest Galaxy Nexus devices, including Nexus 5 will also be excluded from the support, at least until the Ubuntu 14.04 released to the public as the engineering costs associated with switching to the latest smartphones will be not affordable for the company. In near future, LG Nexus 5 devices will get support.

Canonical said in the email,

“Ubuntu Engineering (UE) will _discontinue producing builds for the Galaxy Nexus (maguro) phone_ to ensure we can really focus on the N4 and emulator to polish and drive our Ubuntu Touch engineering agenda towards 14.04.”

The company behind Ubuntu is taking a risk and can affect the platform’s relevancy. What is your view on this unexpected move by Canonical? Is this the right decision taken by the firm? Can it drive the company towards the success?

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