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Mobile apps booming, Last years growth was 115 percent year-on-year

The mobile market is booming and the mobile apps business is rising to new high every year and the yearly data revealed by the mobile apps analytics firm, Flurry states that the overall app usage has grown 115% year-over-year.


Recently, Apple also revealed that its iOS apps on Apple Store made over $10 billion in 2013 that indicates that the real internet revenue is on mobile devices.

Flurry measures apps from almost every category and most of them posted the growth in last year, including fitness, news apps, games and entertainment. It’s also not a surprise that the leading apps were social messaging apps such as Line, WhatsApp, Kik messenger and Snapchat.

Flurry stated in the report,

“Another explosive growth year in mobile has passed. On December 31st, 2013 at 11:59 pm, Flurry Analytics tracked a record 4.7 Billion app sessions in a single day, for a total of 1.126 Trillion sessions for the whole year. Those are some very, very big numbers.”

The analytics firm also noted that the mobile messaging firms are converting them into a digital storefront and became the successful sellers too, that includes 100 million games download in just 3 months as of March 2013 via Line messenger and 150K smartphones sold in 10 minutes via Chinese WeChat messenger. Even the most of youngsters are reportedly moving from Facebook to social mobile messengers.

[ Source: Flurry ]

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