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Twitter rolling out new refreshed design for desktop webpages

Twitter has announced that it’s rolling out the new refreshed desktop webpages for the service with its Android and iOS kind of user interface and the user experience.

twitter-redesign-mac-3.0-iconOfficial Twitter has tweeted that the new design will be reflecting the look and feel of its mobile apps, that means its moving towards more mobile friendly design and interface as the mobile devices share has grown rapidly in recent internet market share.

However, there is no any new tools or additional features added to the refreshed webpages, but only the UI and UX has been changed to make the usage of Twitter easier than ever. Currently, about one percent of the total micro-blogging service are being received the changes and the company is testing their accounts for any increase or decrease in using the service. Once everything looks “ok” to Twitter, then it planned to roll out the new design for all users, worldwide.

If we look at the design via tweeted picture of one sample profile, we can see a minor change, where the homepage of the social network shows the cover photo and the user profile pictures are placed are on the top left side and the tweet composing box beneath the profile photo to make it easy to begin composing a tweet. The color options has been changed, which looks like the micro blogging service also adapting the flatter responsive design.

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