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iM5, another social network launching this March at SXSW 2014

We have seen many so-called social networks being launched and then failed to gain traction among the users and here is the Phonedog Media (phonedog.com and androidandme.com) has its own plans to launch the iM5 social network app on the March 2014’s SXSW event at Austin, which is expected to inspire real-life actions, in their terms.


As the iM5 team has already got the entry among the 20 startups to Startup Spotlight, where the social network will be released for public. Currently in private beta phase, the iM5 apps for Android and iOS will be launched on the same day of launching the web version of the social network. If you are looking for another social network to try hands-on, you can head over to www.im5.com and register yourself. According to the stats, currently over 1,500 users has showed interest to pre-register and receive the updates to see what actually is it.

When you see the glance of the social network provided by the website, you can easily guess that it uses “Do it” button in the place of “Like”, similar to the “Love” button on Instagram. The website touted itself as “to help determine the best real-life actions to take,” which reminds us of Google’s Schemer social network, which is also a goal sharing social network and shutting down on February 7.

Will Phonedog media learn from Google’s mistake or continue to develop the social network to give it a try? Stay tuned on The Next Digit for more updates on Internet and social media.

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