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Nokia’s Normandy prototype Android phone with live screen spotted again

When Microsoft closing to complete the Nokia acquisition, another photo of a Android phone prototype of Nokia “Normandy” leaked, which looks almost same as the previous leaked image by @evleaks.

This time the leaked photo shows a phone with protective case, a prominent back button and live black screen with Nokia logo on it. The new photo popped up in China’s Weibo social network and then began to circulate to Twitter, where the user called @seamissu posted the image as embedded below.

If Microsoft doesn’t kill it, Nokia Normandy will be an affordable handset with forked version of Google’s Android operating system and a custom UI on top of it, which could be integrating the Nokia Asha features as well as low-end Lumia Windows Phone features, according to the sources closer to the Normandy project.

Nokia reportedly working on the project prior to acquisition and analysts expected that the “project Normandy” has been shut down by the company after the acquisition offer from Microsoft, since the project had the rival Google’s Android OS instead of Windows Phone OS. The latest leaked photo seems to be a older one, but if it turns out to be a latest development, then it will suggest that the software giant could be quietly working on the possibility of bringing Android OS and Windows UI together.

Microsoft could reveal about the Normandy project after completing the deal in coming months, until then stay tuned for more rumors, speculations and news updates.

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