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Surface Pro Tablets- $100 more discounted by Microsoft

Microsoft, the creators of surface pro tablet have reduced the price of their bestselling surface pro tablet by $100. The price of the tablet was reduced by 10% which makes both the 64 GB and 128 GB models $100 cheaper than before in US. The prices were not reduced worldwide but in some regions of the world like USA, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong the prices were reduced to $100.

Microsoft also has decreased the prices of Surface RT by a flat 30%. Microsoft was able to generate sales worth $900 million in the latest quarter after the launch of Surface RT tablet. Microsoft has also updated the details on their website and as per these details it is known the discounted price of $100 will remain permanent for Surface Pro tablets.

Microsoft Surface

Is Surface 2 Launching Soon?

Microsoft has recently given a hint regarding launching of the new surface pro and surface RT tablets. These tablets will be equipped with Hashwell processor which will deliver great performance. Microsoft has been recently testing their tablets with the Snapdragon processor to know how much they can extend the functionality of the tablets. Microsoft might add some new accessories for the tablets like the new keyboard which comes with a pre-installed battery. The tablets are also expected to come with new colors.

The discount regarding the tablets will start in between August 4 and August 29. The people of US, Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong can take benefit of the discount of these tablets.

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