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Xiaomi to crack American Market, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that the Chinese Xiaomi could crack the American market as it is excellent after testing the company’s flagship Mi 3 smartphone and Mi Wi-Fi router.

steve-wozniak-xiaomi-mi3The Chinese startup, Xiaomi has paid the Apple co-founder to appear with the company’s founder and chairman, Lei Jun in front of reporters in an event called as “Lei Jun & Woz Tech Talk” on Sunday.

Xiaomi has given a Mi 3 smartphone to Steve Wozniak to test and also provided the Mi Wi-Fi router demonstration of do-it-yourself kit assembling, which was given to the Wozniak as a gift by Xiaomi in a wooden box with his birth date engraved.

Wozniak has praised the Beijing and Chinese “brain powers” and mentioned Singapore as the growing hub for great hardware development with talented people. However, the paid amount to Wozniak hasn’t revealed yet, but according to Wozniak, he will be getting only 20% of the original fee as around 80% of payment will go to co-broker, agent, U.S. government taxes and California state taxes. He also said, “I do not do this for money, if I find things I don’t like about the Mi 3, I’ll tell them.

As Xiaomi is planning to make an impact in the western premium market, this move could be looked as a sign for the entry and the first step of getting attracted by the crowd.


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