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Apple released a inspiring iPad Air video ad – “Your Verse”

Apple has released a new video ad with “Your Verse” anthem for its iPad Air during the San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panthers NFL playoff game, touting as a creativity tool.

ipad-air-tv-adThe new advertisement can help Apple to spread the creative aspects of its iPad and could also helps to embrace grand vision of its iOS operating system as the medium for inspiration. With the “What will be your verse be?” tagline, the 90-second ad features a voiceover speech on the reason for writing and reading poetry as Robin Williams gave it in the film “Dead Poets Society,” which gives the message that each person gets contribute one verse to the overall poem of human experience.

The iPad is showed as many creative and inspiring tool such as a filming accessory, writing tool, prototyping tool and as a 3D prototype device to work in deep sea. The ad takes the iPad to the far corners of the earth. Apple also listed the uses with of iPads shown in the advertisement in its website (with more context) – Apple – iPad – What will your verse be.

When we edit this news, the video surpasses 100K views already in YouTube, however, the ad is also running on different channels such as Apple website and other video streaming services, apart from the TV ad. Watch the embedded new video below.

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