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PS Vita exclusive OlliOlli 2D Skateboarding game to release on Jan 21

Sony PS Vita exclusive game OlliOlli,a 2D skateboarding game will be released on January 21st in North America and on January 22nd in Asia, Europe and South America, revealed by Tom Hegarty – Director, Roll7 at PlayStation Blog.


With over 120 skateboard tricks and grinds, the addictive OlliOlli game was meant to release in pre-Christmas days, but the technical difficulties made it to delay the launch. If you have already played the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game as well as Canabalt game, you will notice that the OlliOlli comes as the mixture of both games with additional effects.

The game is only for PS Vita and comes with four modes – The Career Mode, Spot Mode, The Daily Grind Mode and RAD Mode. The first mode comes with 50 levels for Amateur and Pro difficulty levels (25 each), where the Spot Mode will unlocked after the completion of the first Mode, where gamers have to reach the end of the level with at least a large combo. In “The Daily Grind Mode,” you can practice as much as you want in any spot, but you will get only one chance to submit your score online. The final, RAD Mode allows only perfect landings as well as grindings.

Roll7 hasn’t revealed the price set for the game, but revealed that the OlliOlli’s price will be announced at the day of release. Stay tuned for more game updates. If you are so curious, you could watch the official game trailer below.

[ Source: PlayStation Blog ]

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