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Install stock ROM via Odin, if you bricked your Android smartphone

If you have bricked or soft bricked your Android phone, then you can recover your smartphone to run as the original factory provided device by installing the stock firmware into it.

custom-android-rom-recoveryMany Android users and geeks are fond of trying different type of custom Android software on their smartphones, thanks to the open source community and forums like XDA-Developers etc. These forums provide the best custom firmware features, installation guides as well as download links. Hence, there are millions of users who are running their devices on third-party developed Android ROMs – 1 such example is the growth of CyanogenMod community, which now focusing on releasing the custom ROM on a new smartphones out of the box.

However, while flashing ROMs or installing recovery tools, many people get their phone bricked by not following the instructions correctly or by the wrong instructions provided by the so-called only-android blogs. Now, you don’t have to worry about it. just follow these steps to get back your device to working condition and later you can choose to install another working custom ROM or continue with the factory provided firmware.

Steps to recover bricked smartphones by installing stock ROMs:

  • Check your device model and find the correct stock ROM for your Android phone. You can do a Google search for the download link and download it to your computer.
  • Download Odin software for your PC (I recommend the Odin 3.04, as it worked me perfect several times)
  • Now turn off your smartphone and go to download mode. You can go to download mode by long pressing volume up + home + power button in many models or just long pressing volume up + power button.
  • Now connect your device to your computer. Make sure you have installed the correct smartphone USB driver on your PC.
  • Now extract the stock ROM file to get 3 different files – CSC-xxx.tar.md5, MODEM-xxx.tar.md5 and PDA-xxx.tar.md5. Some stock ROMs also comes with the bootloader file.
  • Now select appropriate files by clicking on buttons on the Odin software – CSC button for CSC file and so on so forth.
  • Now press start and wait for the Odin to finish its work.
  • Once the device gets rebooted, you will be having the original stock ROM on your smartphone, if you have downloaded the right stock software for your phone.

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  1. not bad

  2. This is a very nice & very clear instruction, thanks!
    For a novice like me, how can I determine the stock rom version of my Acer TO3 Liquid Z630…it says:
    ACER_AV0L0_T03_1.007.00_EMEA-GEN2. Will this be my stock rom?
    Thanks again!

  3. Nice guide, quick and easy 🙂

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