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Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron to produce half of Apple iPhone 6

Taiwanese telecommunication products manufacturer, Pegatron is said to produce at least half of the iPhone 6 expected to launch in the fall 2014, according to the anonymous source to Liberty Times.

apple-iphone-6-conceptPegatron is based in Taiwan and already being producing the iPhone 5c as well as iPad mini for Apple, while Foxconn manages the iPhone 5s assembly. Since getting the orders from Apple, Pegatron’s turnover rose at least 27 percent.

So far, Apple has been depending on Foxconn for bulk manufacturing of its products but this time Apple CEO Tim Cook has plan to diversify the manufacturing to avoid quality-control issues at Foxconn and ultimately to reduce risks.

Rumors suggests that there will be two different variants of iPhone variants depending on sizes (one of them can be a phablet!) and it is not sure whether the manufacturing could be divided to 2 bulk manufacturers according to their expertise. Those devices could come with a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch in sizes.

It’s also expected that the iPhone 6 will have the same 8-megapixel rear camera with improved low-light capturing and dynamic range and Apple seems to b not taking the pixel count as important. It could bring a new, more powerful processor only for camera sensors to get most out of it. Every year, we were keep on listening to those traditional chip production switching from Samsung to TSMC, which is also surfaced this year.

[ Source: Liberty Times (Chainese) ]

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