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Samsung Galaxy S5 with eye scanner could launch in April

According to the report of interview with Samsung’s executive, the company will be launching the much awaited Galaxy S5 smartphone with Iris scanning tech for security in April 2014 along with the second-gen Gear smartwatch.

samsung-galaxy-s5-eye-iris-scannerSamsung’s executive vice president of mobile business, Lee Young Hee revealed the information in an interview with the Bloomberg. Samsung will be integrating eye’s iris scanning technology for locking and unlocking security measure in response to the Apple’s integration of fingerprint scanning tech on its recently released iPhone 5s.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will also be released alongside of flagship and it might come with more update such as improved design against the previous bulky smartwatch and the company could also introduce the 3-sided display for better visibility in multiple angles. 2nd generation Gear smartwatch could possibly enter the market in second half of this year.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5, it will be coming with the similar rounded corner aesthetics with improved display and feel of the panels & covers. It’s not sure whether Samsung would leave its Touchwiz UI, but the Galaxy S5 smartphone will be coming with new kind of Android theme with thinner fonts and pastel color schemes.


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