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Now anyone can send email to Google+ connections via Gmail

Google has introduced a new addition to its Google+ and Gmail integration, where the users can send the emails to those who are in their Google Plus connections.

gmail-google-plus-emailsGmail will suggest Google+ users as recipients while typing the email address when composing a new email. However, many privacy advocates raised the alarm that Google’s new feature will lead to the email spam, but the search giant said that the email address will not be visible unless he/she sends the email to Google+ connections, that means anyone in your circle can send you an email without knowing your email ID.

However, the users will also given an option to opt-out of this Google+ visibility in their Gmail settings, where they can select Email via Google+ as, anyone on Google+, extended circle, circles and no one.

Analysts expect a strict action by Federal Trade Commission, which was scrutinized Google for breaking privacy and forcing the Gmail users to its social network, Buzz.

Google is not actually “scroogling” or blackmailing you (if you watched that collegehumor video, you will get what I mean here) to join its social network, but it finding all possible ways to lure in users to Google+ social network by integrating with its existing popular services such as YouTube comments, Google Search, Google Drive and now Gmail. The feature is just introduced and it will be rolled out completely by next couple of days to all users.

[ Source: Gmail Blog ]

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