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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched Jelly Q&A app for iOS and Android

Jelly, the new interactive social Question and Answer app has been unveiled today by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, which helps users to ask questions with photos on existing connected social networks.


With interesting social approach and a smoother UI, Jelly app is now available for Android and iOS. Users can plug in Facebook or Twitter or both of them to integrate the existing social networks to ask ad answer questions. The app itself works around the image, which can be snapped from smartphone camera or uploaded from existing gallery to crop, annotate and attach the question.

Users post will be posted to social networks, where your friends (friends of friends too) and followers could answer the questions by entering into the Jelly. The main responsive and native interface of the app opens with a series of cards with questions, to which you can draw any of them and respond or swipe down. You can also swipe up to read the other answers.

With its own consistent UI, it supports both the iPhone and Android smartphones nicely, but when coming to the tablets, the app scales better in Android than the iPad. The survival of the new kind of social interaction is depending on the viral promotions and solving someone’s problems, where the experienced people behind this app could lead it to some great levels. Let’s wait and watch.

Try the Jelly app, which is available for download for Android at Google Play Store and for iOS at Apple Store.


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