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Sharp shows off 8K Concept TV with 16 times HDTV resolution at CES

Sharp has unveiled wide range of TVs at CES 2014 along with the eye grabbing massive 85-inch 8K  concept TV that’s logically not ready for the consumers yet, at least this year.

sharp-8k-3d-tvWhile the Ultra HD 4K television sets are being entering to the market this year, it will take another year to become the mainstream (or it may take couple of years) and this 8K TV with 16 times higher quality of HDTVs won’t make entry to the market for at least 1-2 years, unless the Ultra HD sets performs extraordinary sales in 2014.

In CES 2012 event, the company had showed the 85-inch 8K concept TV, but this time, it partnered with Philips and Dolby to integrate glass-free 3D viewing. However, some are completely left out the 3D technology on their TVs such as Vizio’s recent move. 8K TV is really amazing but where would you go for supported 8K contents? YouTube has just revealed the plan to stream Ultra HD 4K contents at CES 2014 and many others are yet to start producing and distributing the 4K content, which is also a challenge.

The 85-inch 8K TV 3D variant has a drawback as the viewers should hold their head still and align with the 2 dots pointed at the bottom of television set in order to get the 3D effect and if the viewer moves out of the radius, then the 3D video causes blurry visuals, similar to what you see at 3D theaters after removing 3D glass. Although comes with the high 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, the blurry visuals takes away the desire to watch the videos on such TVs. But the 8K TV model without glass-free 3D shows the video without losing any clarity, which could possibly make into the market in future.

Samsung also revealed its first largest 98-inch 8K QUHD TV at the same event, which also attracted huge crowd to watch the mall’s high quality content with zoom, which doesn’t lose the clarity and pixels.

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