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Samsung showcases its 98-inch 8K QUHD TV at CES

Samsung has showcased a massive 98-inch 8K TV concept termed as QUHD (Quad Ultra High Definition) at the CES 2014 event at Las Vegas, while Sharp had also unveiled the 8K concept TV at CES 2012 event but never entered the market yet.

samsung-8k-concept-tvHowever, Sharp managed to up the ante by adding glass-free 3D support by partnering with Philips and Dolby – which decidedly won’t fit the current market, where the 4K TV manufacturers are hoping for more Ultra HD contents from video streaming services and producers.

Samsung labeled the 8K TV as Quad-UHD and it comes with the same flatscreen with 7,680 x 4,320 pixels resolution as the Sharp 8K TV. Samsung showed the “Robin Sparkles’ let’s go to the mall” scene in their TV which was stunning. Samsung also demoed the video by magnifying few sections to provide the clear view of 8K resolution.

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