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LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones to be released by mid-2014

As many others revealed their own version of wearable computing device, LG’s first wearable device, the Lifeband Touch was revealed at the CES 2014, among several other wearable devices.


The wearable has its own distinct sleek and simple design and tends to stand apart from Samsung’s devices which are more design and feature oriented. A unique feature of the Lifeband Touch are the two way phone controls and phone notifications which has not been seen on any wearable devices till now.

The Lifeband Touch has an open end design similar to the Nike+ Fuelband for flexing around the wrist. It features an accelerometer-based fitness tracker and altimeter compatible with iOS and Android. Icons on the Lifeband are almost the same design as on other fitness devices like Withings Pulse and Fitbit Force though features like call notifications, music controls, volume control and silencing are unique.


LG upcoming app would utilize fitness apps like RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal instead of creating a dedicated fitness ecosystem. Though the band has the ability to light up on looking at the device, it does not track sleep. The accerlerometer allows connectivity with external heart rate monitors like Polars or LG’s Heart Rate earphones.

These earphones have a “PerformTek” sensor in each earbud which sends heart rate and oxygen consumption data through Bluetooth when in contact.

Jim Clayton, VP of LG’s new business division mentioned that the Lifeband was designed to be used for “the other 23” hours when not engaged in fitness. “The added call-notification and phone-extension functions are there to extend the Lifeband’s usefullness,” he added.

LG has focused on filling the void between smartphones and fitness bands with the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones. prices have not yet been revealed and would be available by mid-2014.


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