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Intel’s “wearable” smart earpiece, headset and smartwatch launched at CES 2014

Intel is trying to get back on track after mission out on smartphones as the CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled few wearable computing devices, including a prototype smartwatch, smart earbuds and a smart headset at Las Vegas’ CES 2014 event.

Lets get closer – the smartwatch prototype showcased can work smartly without depending on a smartphone or other devices for internet access and other connectivity. With the location based notifications, the device is the hope for Intel’s future tech.

Regarding the pair of smart earbuds unveiled, it could be really smart enough to track the users’ heart rate and display it on the supported app by sourcing the power from the device’s headphone socket. Intel’s earbuds could help fitness enthusiasts to keep track of their running and enjoy the music simultaneously.

Finally, the smart headset will be competing against Google Glass, but without display. Yes, the small earpiece listens to voice commands as your personal assistant and it replies you back. Users can check messages, set reminders and make appointments syncing via users calendar.

Although, the CPU company has revealed these wearable computing devices, it is mum at revealing the price details of any of these gadgets. The smart wearable devices from Intel could enter the market sometimes in second half of this year.

Analysts expected the Intel’s move towards the smart wearable devices as it already fell behind in smartphone category because of the late entry. As in this year’s CES event, many companies seems to be following  the evolving technology and smart devices, Intel also becomes part of it. With the PC business is falling and smartphone/tablet market is growing, Intel’s next step could decide its fate.

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