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Forget about 110-inch Samsung TV, Vizio unveils 120-inch Ultra HD 4K TV

Budget TV-maker, Vizio shuts critics mouth by revealing massive 120-inch Ultra HD 4K TV at CES 2014, which could grab the consumers’ sight from Samsung’s 110-inch TV and LG’s 105-inch curved TV and OLED TVs.

Photo credit: The Verge
Photo credit: The Verge

120-inch TV and that too from an affordable TV manufacturer could settle it on your bigger wall space with its 400 pounds weight, where the Ultra HD means the four times clarity than standard HD.

However, Vizio hasn’t revealed any details about the pricing and availability, where the Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV begun to sell for $150,000 in South Korea, especially to those rich guys from Middle-East. We expect the pricing of Vizio’s massive TV will come at least 30 percent lesser than that of Samsung and LG.

Along with the TV, Vizio has also showcased the new smart products – a 4.7-inch tablet and a 7-inch tablet, both to come with high quality speakers. For these smart audio lineups, Vizio hasn’t revealed the price and availability details yet. The company seems to be eyeing on those consumers, who are fond of music streaming from radio services such as Pandora and Spotify. Both the tablets will be loaded with Android OS with Google Play, so all regular Android apps are supported by the devices.

The company has revealed few more 1080p full HD TVs and notably, it killed the 3D support on all of its next-gen television sets.

[Via: The Verge]

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