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Samsung Galaxy S5 to be unveiled in February at MWC

Samsung has decided to give a skip for the launch of its flagship phone at CES to be held next week. Samsung has announced that the handset will be launched at the World Congress in February.


Doon-hoon Chang, Samsung’s executive VP and head of design strategy mentioned that the rumors about the possible launch of the S5 at the World congress were “about right”, according to iNews 24 report. “Samsung does not comment on rumor  and speculation,” said a spokesperson when asked for a confirmation.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to be “under review” about the possible use of a new metal material or a flexible display similar to Galaxy Round, added Chang.

As most of Samsung’s S series devices were launched in separate events, the company will most likely hold a separate launch before it isrevealed at Mobile World Congress. The S5’s launch comes in less than a year as it was claimed in a report that had even mentioned Samsung poor sales of S4 devices. The new device will could go on sale during March as claimed by the report though S4 was revealed in March and was up for sale in April.

The Galaxy S5 is rumored to have features like eyeball-scanning technology for unlocking and a powerful 4GB of RAM with 4K screen. Samsung’s yet-to-be released flagship phone will be one of the smartphones to look out forduring the year.


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